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It seemed like as good a way to pass the time as any, burn off lunch, maybe meet some friends. But six weeks in and it’s taken over: you dribble in your sleep, stretch out your calves during coffee break. While walking the dog you find yourself stopped on the sidewalk, transfixed by the NBA scores flickering out in the dawn light, from the flat screens of the electronics store front window. You never knew you were a team player, no matter how much you put it on your resumé. Someone asks you an important question and you blank: basketball?



hips swivel like a hook, a cheap torso trick. hit the world stage with your neon lies and nab the next man, his eyes squished from the light and looking elsewhere.


most of the night was spent looking out over the river, sweating through her nightclothes. one ear pressed to the window to hear the plants wilting outside, their leaves in limp relief, a dark green against a darker green sky.

one day you awake to find all your friends are experts. pipe smoking, hand-made tortillas, “new media”. you clicked away a career on celebrity gossip websites, one time you roasted a cornish game hen but when push comes to shove, could you make it again?


I followed you home/ I followed you home darling/ until we reached those iron bars