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hips swivel like a hook, a cheap torso trick. hit the world stage with your neon lies and nab the next man, his eyes squished from the light and looking elsewhere.

most of the night was spent looking out over the river, sweating through her nightclothes. one ear pressed to the window to hear the plants wilting outside, their leaves in limp relief, a dark green against a darker green sky.

Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario.

Late evening, early October.


when i am overtired on my way home i go into the drugstore and wander around and end up with a glue stick and maybe eyeshadow in my hand. when i get to the counter i think what the fuck am i doing? and put the items by the magazine rack and exit confused and exhausted. goodnight bird

table lampifyoulookoutthewindowforthe full moon make sure to turn off the light on the table by the bed