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“power duo” was a joke. you got that right?


paperback sexies

tell me about all those conversations you had with yourself

Soleirolia and candles

shares were tanking. the competition had the market cornered and plus, their stuff just looked cooler. meetings were held, fights were fought. more than one wine glass was shattered in a fit, or fits, of rage.

we knew we shouldn’t have boarded the plane, especially since we had already downed $16 coconut water and vodka, and argued about Strategies in the elite lounge. they had to seat us next to each other.

we can neither confirm nor deny the next 48 hours for legal reasons. needless to say there was an emergency landing in Cleveland. credit cards were cut up, friendships severed.

but somehow, through many hours of counselling, data-mining, hemp heart sprinkling, and soul-searching, we got it together. smartandbird are back.

and now, the spoils of our fruitful first (again) meeting:

Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario.

Late evening, early October.

Also – saw Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights. A quiet, painstaking retelling of the book. Would like to check out more films with cinematographer Robbie Ryan.